Thursday, June 23, 2011

Confessions of a Doubter

All my life, I have known you and even before the time that I am created, you have known me.  You see me through all the seasons in my life. You see my tears and laughs. You witness my triumphs and you join me in my failures. Sometimes I forget you yet you never forget me. Sometimes I betray you by doing things that are against your will. I even indulge myself in these earthly pleasures yet you are still waiting for me. You never ceased on loving me though I always hurt you because of my actions and selfish desires. So many times I have run a way but still you take a hold on my hand and make me feel that I belong to you. Sometimes I question your sovereignty in all the things and in all the circumstances that happen in my life, yet you are patient with me and you let me feel that you are in control. Most of the time, I tried to break away from your hold, yet you make me feel that I am worthy to be your child. You love me in spite of my iniquities. You accept me wholly and you never count my mistakes.

You are the creator of the vast universe, you placed each star in their places and you even call them by their names, yet you care for me. I, a miniscule creature, was loved and am being loved by a God who is indescribable and whose love is unconditional. You sacrificed your one and only son for me to be saved. You are forsaken that is why I will never be alone and never will I be desolated. Thank you for your love Abba. Thank you for being our Savior and King. Words are not enough to give thanks for all the things that you have done in me. I am just a tiny speck of dust that was given a life because of your amazing power and greatness and a doubter whose life is continuously being changed and whose mind is being renewed through your grace and by your endless love.

Soli Deo Gloria

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