Monday, April 23, 2012

A Poem of Random Thinking

Far above the clouds and sky,
Beyond the depths of oceans and seas,
Behind the highest peak on this earth,
I know that You look on me every moment.

Not even a glimpse can escape from You.
Every thought that this mind makes,
Are known to You and I can't hide.
Darkness and day dreaming can't conceal it.

Sometimes I think that I can surpass,
All the things that hinders me from You.
Will I ever see Your face someday?
Can I hug You and will You give me a smile?

I wonder how will I feel if I see you...

Musings of a Dreamer

There are times that I want to fly.
At times, I want to seize from my existence.
I want to break free from the challenges;
That's why I think about going to Heaven.

I wonder how will I look like at heaven.
Will I have a golden halo and white wings?
Shall I play the Lyra and sing?
Shall I dance unceasingly to give praise?

I wonder what will happen if I am not a human.
Shall I be a seed that sprouts to become a tree?
Shall I be a sparrow that flies on the sky?
Or shall I be a fish that swims beneath the seas?

Maybe, if I am not a human,
I am a stone from the mountains.
I won't feel anything for I do not live.
I am part of a cycle that's why I exist.

Will I be happy if I am not a human?
I guess, I won't be happy at all.
Only humans can give praise to God.
Only humans can think and feel with his heart.

Am I a fool for I think like this?
Maybe, if you read these writings,
You will conclude that I am crazy.
For I pen such kind of thinking.

You know what, one thing I realized,
I am indeed blessed for I am a human.
It is for the redemption of humanity,
That Christ came, died, and rose again.

Wistful thinking may occur to me at times.
But at the end of the day, I am thankful.
Though I am a sinner and I commit mistakes,
And crimson of blame clothes me,

YAHWEH Picked me up...

Because of my calloused mind, I am unworthy.
But Christ saved me from eternal damnation.
I am a carnal being for I always sin.
But Christ purify me from all my iniquities.

Someday when I come Home, I'll be perfect.
Because I am redeemed by Christ,
His perfectness will envelop me.
His righteousness will clothe me for Eternity.

While I am here on earth,
I will always be dependent on Him.
To finish the race of what we call "Life"
For someday after all these things:

I will meet my Maker and Daddy,
HE will wipe away all the tears that I've shed.
Together, we will watch everything that I did.
He will hug me and utter this line:  

"Well done, My Good and faithful servant."

Young Lady,You are made for a purpose

Dear young lady who hands this paper,
I want you to know that you are special.
God wonderfully and fearfully made you,
Even before He knitted you at your mom's womb.

At the Lord's eyes, you are a princess.
Not even a jerk can hid that fact.
You are an heiress, my dear lady.
You are the King's daughter and Beloved One.

Christ made the sweetest love letter for you.
Not even a milk chocolate can beat that.
Before you were created, He declared His love.
His blood was shed to purify you like a snow. 

Because He interceded, no one can separate you,
From the Love of the Father that is freely given,
To those who will accept His gift of life.
Neither Angels nor demons can hinder that.

Hey Young Lady, if you encounter a jerk,
Please guard your heart and pray earnestly.
God is handling the pen of your lovestory.
Do not settle at the pleasure of the moment.

Be hidden and soaked up at the Lord's love.
So that the man who will ask for your hand,
Will seek the Almighthy's blessing and favor,
Before he make a move for you to say "I do."