Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Unfinished Fairy Tale

Hey guys! In a few hours, we'll be kissing 2011 goodbye.
This is one of the last poems for this year. :)
This is a story of what we called "PL" (Pekeng Love) [Fake Love]

Once upon a time in a far away land,
A fair lady dream to be a princess.
She's wearing a tiara and a gown,
While waiting for her prince to come.

She stares at the mirror unceasingly.
Curling her hair with her brush is her fave.
Checking herself every moment is her game.
She smiles and makes her cheek blush every minute.

She waited from spring 'til winter kissed the air.
She never lose her hope that one day,
Her knight and shining armor will come.
On his horse, he's riding up to her castle.

Glass hours were emptied, scores of months passed.
Still, no trace of Prince Charming was ever seen.
Little Princess was sad and blue in disappointment.
It was as if her porcelain heart was shattered into pieces.

Will she ever have a happy ending?
Can her broken smile be wind up again?
Will the sun shine at her crib once again?
Will she can ever meet her Darling someday?

No one knows how will her story end.
Only the Great Playwright hands the pen.
Until He finished her enchanted tale,
May the princess grow in love with Him more.