Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Without You Is Not Life After All

"Life without Jesus is not life after all."

Life without You is not life after all
You are the reason of my existence
You make me feel special everyday
You gave colours to my plain life

Once in the history, You were born
From a babe to a toddler and to a kid
To a youngster, to a man and to a lad
You glorify the Father in every moment

You think of me even before I can
Think of Your great love and power
You witness and guide me in everyday
You care for me even if I am a failure

You never intend to hurt nor leave me
You gave me the freedom in everything
You do not want to force nor forsake me
You love me so for You never me let go

Once, I tried to turn away from Your hold
I tried to walk away from You and be the one
To write the life that You have given upon me
But then I realized something very important

“Life without You is not life after all.”

Laments of a Child

I humble myself and I acknowledge You as my God and Saviour- Lizette 

Father, Father, Father
I feel so sad and lonely
I need rest and care
Hear my prayer, Oh Abba

My mind is vague and tired
Fears of yesterday prevail
Be my deliverer, Oh Abba
Help and shield Your child

I am confused and sad
People that’s around me
Cannot understand and
Fathom what my heart

Feels and throbs for
I am weary and gloomy
Be the joy of my heart
Open my soul and eyes

Bring back the melody
Restore the symphony
Mend my broken sonnet
Heal yesterday’s scar

Please calm the seas
Hold my fragile heart
Guard it and let it be
Yours alone forever

In Your eyes, I am dear
In Your sight, I am a gem
In Your arms, I am secure
In Your light, I am found

Oh Abba, I give up to Thee
I give my whole life to You
Let it bloom to the fullest
I hand it to You my Father

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Let My Lips Proclaim

After I was convicted, I realized how God loves me so much..He can never love me more than He id doing right now. :) Soli deo Gloria!

Let me write a Love song for You
Let me thank You for Your hug
Let me express my affection for You
My Prince Charming and King

Let me see Your Face Someday
Let me be the one to thank You
For Your Love written in blood
Let me say I love You, my dear

No words can exress how grateful I am
For the hands that cradle the stars
Are the ones that bled for me
Let me express my Gratitude, my groom

I love you, my dear..
I know that You love me
More than I could comprehend
Let me say thank you for that..

Please Forgive Me My Love...

During my Humanities Class, a lot of thoughts run in my mind. I just decided to write while I was listening.. God loves us so much, isn't it? This poem that you are going to read is somewhat a confession of my guilt. I thank my God for sometimes I do have lapses and short comings but still He loves me so much and He fill in the gaps in my life.

I feel so sad and weary
I miss you so much my love
I am too busy to stop for You
Please forgive me my Love...

I feel so blue without hearing from You
I feel so weary and tired without You
I feel so lost and consumed away from You
Please forgive me my Love...

I feel so bizarre in the midst of eveyone
I feel so desolated around the mob
I feel so lonely and gray around the crowd
Please forgive me my Love...

I feel so incomplete without talking to You
I feel so hungry and in pain without You
I feel so guilty for I did not give you a time
Please frogive me my Love...

I am sorry for I did not listen
I am sorry for I did not knock
I am sorry for I did not ask
Please forgive me my Love...

Please here my cry and throb
Let me feel your caress again

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Should I Still Say Amen?

I am in deed blessed by this poem. Its message says as a Christian and a child of God, whatever the circumstance that we encounter, even if things did not go the way we want it to be, and even if  we fall short of what we want to do, we will still choose to thank God and submit unto His will even if it means denying ourselves and carrying our own cross. Glory to God! This poem was written by Mr. Obed DC. Blessings for everyone! I hope that you'll be blessed through this poem. - Lizette

O summer rain, can you tell me why the sky is gray?
Why would the Northern Wind cause a man like me for this?
I want to understand why some things don't go my way,
For I want to see visions beyond the silver bliss.

Should I really kiss the raindrops that fall on my skin?
Knowing that they represent the tears for every soul.
Or is doing a little selfish pleasure a sin?
Please let me accept by heart that God is in control.

Should I still say amen because there's a better will?
Glory is always acquired through sincere sacrifice.
And if my surrender is the only way uphill,
Then tell me, why should i even bother to think twice? 

They say that this self is the hardest one to conquer
Because it is my own will that needs to be traded.
Now I ask my heart on what honor does it prefer,
Let me convince it to choose the one that is guided.

In my hands I hold everything I consider mine
And now I lay them all again in sure abandon.
So let the search for worldly pleasures start to decline
As my own yearnings on the altar I lay upon.

Because this is history, I’ve been with this before
And I feel it's time to have a new testimony.
This is life, in every step of faith there's something more,
I'll just focus to finish the narrow road's journey.

I know God loves me and some answers just have to wait,
All He wants to see is my faith to move this mountain.
So there's no need to do the pattern of this world's fate
Because I can hear Him... all I could say is amen.

Copyright © 2011 by Prince Obed de la Cruz

(July 2, 2011; Marikina City)