Monday, July 18, 2011

Laments of a Child

I humble myself and I acknowledge You as my God and Saviour- Lizette 

Father, Father, Father
I feel so sad and lonely
I need rest and care
Hear my prayer, Oh Abba

My mind is vague and tired
Fears of yesterday prevail
Be my deliverer, Oh Abba
Help and shield Your child

I am confused and sad
People that’s around me
Cannot understand and
Fathom what my heart

Feels and throbs for
I am weary and gloomy
Be the joy of my heart
Open my soul and eyes

Bring back the melody
Restore the symphony
Mend my broken sonnet
Heal yesterday’s scar

Please calm the seas
Hold my fragile heart
Guard it and let it be
Yours alone forever

In Your eyes, I am dear
In Your sight, I am a gem
In Your arms, I am secure
In Your light, I am found

Oh Abba, I give up to Thee
I give my whole life to You
Let it bloom to the fullest
I hand it to You my Father

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