Thursday, March 8, 2012

A World Outside My Chair

Out of my boredom during my Philippine Literature class, I was able to make a poem.

I am seated on my chair but my mind flounders.
A lot of thoughts run in my mind;
Moro and warriors have no room on it.
I want to fly and stop the tick of the clock.

I want to view things beyond their perspective.
I want to catch the wind and play with the rainbow.
I wonder how the water becomes a loud.
I wonder how a sprout becomes a tree.

Can I see how it all happened?
I want to to be free and enjoy my liberty.
I am created for a special purpose.
I have a specific role to play with.

Yet here am I, confined in a space.
While being forced to listen at epics.
Epics that they say reflect our identity.
History supports that it is a cultural validation.

But for me, these are just hearsay.
That was elaborated and elevated as a language.
Can I let my mind travel beyond what I see?
These are all meaningless... A chasing after the wind.

Unfolding of A New Chapter

As I lay on my bed and hand this pen,
It is You, My Daddy, My Precious Abba,
That I am thinking as I jot these words down.
I want to glorify You through this pen and paper.

Daddy, how many times I have left You?
Yet all the while, You never left me behind.
How many times that I've said "You don't care".
Yet all the while, You were there for me.

How many times that I've thought that I'm alone,
Yet You always knock at the door of my heart.
You didn't stop even if I didn't even heed.
Oh Daddy, how can I ever repay you?

Why, oh why, My Sweet Darling Savior?
You never let me feel that You hate me.
Rage,pain, anger and bitterness filled me,
Yet You still care and cleanse my scarlet heart.

Oh Daddy, not a million "I Love You",
Not even a billion "I'm Sorry",
Can ever give back the grace that I received.
Unto Thy feet, I bow down and cry.

Dearest Yahweh, I am captivated and muted.
By Your grace and mercy, I am hailed.
Only a fool will tell that you didn't even hear,
Our cry of anguish and whispers of help.