Thursday, March 8, 2012

A World Outside My Chair

Out of my boredom during my Philippine Literature class, I was able to make a poem.

I am seated on my chair but my mind flounders.
A lot of thoughts run in my mind;
Moro and warriors have no room on it.
I want to fly and stop the tick of the clock.

I want to view things beyond their perspective.
I want to catch the wind and play with the rainbow.
I wonder how the water becomes a loud.
I wonder how a sprout becomes a tree.

Can I see how it all happened?
I want to to be free and enjoy my liberty.
I am created for a special purpose.
I have a specific role to play with.

Yet here am I, confined in a space.
While being forced to listen at epics.
Epics that they say reflect our identity.
History supports that it is a cultural validation.

But for me, these are just hearsay.
That was elaborated and elevated as a language.
Can I let my mind travel beyond what I see?
These are all meaningless... A chasing after the wind.

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