Monday, May 30, 2011

A Letter for My First Love

What are you going to say if one day you are asked to write a letter especially dedicated for your First Love? This was the second piece that I have written last night during the practice.

Create in me a pure and contrite heart
Let my lips proclaim your love and goodness
Let my light shine so the world may see
How you have saved sinners like me

Who can say that I am clean?
That I have an unblemished heart
That I have never sinned and never
Give a tear in your precious eyes

No one is holy in your eyes!

For all humans fall short of your
Glory and all have broken your heart
Yet you have sent your son for us
To be saved and reunited with you

So I say this is the grandest kind of love
For you loved me wholly despite the fact
I have once left you and forsaken you
So I bow down my knee and repent

You say that I am fearfully and wonderfully made
You have known me even before I was created
In a far dark secret place in this meaningless world
I praise you for you knit me in my mother's womb

If only I could say all that my soul feels
For all the wondrous works that
You have done in my life and is
About to do with my occurence 

Words and adoration is not enough
To make you feel how grateful I am
From a worthless dust you formed me
And breathe life within for me to live

What a magnificent God I have!

He have qualified all that are unqualified
He have chosen those who are unworthy
So men may see how gracious his love is
For he has come not to condemn but to save

Abba Father, I love you so much!

I know that I can not reciprocate
The love you have given upon me
In this mere life that I have may
Your name be lifted up and shine.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

And You are there...

During the practice a while ago, I can't help but to write. It's been so long since the last time I wrote a piece. I was able to make two with God's help and sustenance. I'll post the other one tomorrow. :) With the pieces  I'll be able share with you how God moves in my life in these past few months. I thank my God for the people that He have used in my life. I am a sinner saved by God's grace. In my own eyes I see how God moves in the hearts of His people. My life belongs to him and in my life may his name be continuously glorified. Soli deo Gloria! 

When I was still lost and alone
And have a heart like a stone
Walking in paths of darkness
I look back and search for you

And You are there...

I was plunging in my earthly desires
Seeking the knowledge the earth gives
Satisfying the cravings of my flesh
I look back and search for you

And You are there...

I was broken and deeply hurt
I run from the light and hide
I indulge myself in desolation and pride
I look back and search for you

And You are there...

I throb at the top of my lungs
Chained in sins that look like fangs
I call until my voice fades
I look back and search for you

And You are there...

I run into your hands
Unclutching from your grasp
I cry and ask for forgiveness
I look back and search for you

And You are there...

What else can I say?
In every moment that I'm awake
In the midst of my existence
I look back and search for you

And You are there...

Abba, Thank you for your Agape Love
And for your precious hand,
You knit me in my mother's womb
And you have ordained

The days of my life in your book..
Thank you for you are my strong shield
And the rock of my salvation
Be the center of my life,

And let this meaningless life of mine
Glorify your name until the day
You let me go at my home came
To enjoy your presence and love