Monday, July 18, 2011

Life Without You Is Not Life After All

"Life without Jesus is not life after all."

Life without You is not life after all
You are the reason of my existence
You make me feel special everyday
You gave colours to my plain life

Once in the history, You were born
From a babe to a toddler and to a kid
To a youngster, to a man and to a lad
You glorify the Father in every moment

You think of me even before I can
Think of Your great love and power
You witness and guide me in everyday
You care for me even if I am a failure

You never intend to hurt nor leave me
You gave me the freedom in everything
You do not want to force nor forsake me
You love me so for You never me let go

Once, I tried to turn away from Your hold
I tried to walk away from You and be the one
To write the life that You have given upon me
But then I realized something very important

“Life without You is not life after all.”

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