Monday, April 23, 2012

Musings of a Dreamer

There are times that I want to fly.
At times, I want to seize from my existence.
I want to break free from the challenges;
That's why I think about going to Heaven.

I wonder how will I look like at heaven.
Will I have a golden halo and white wings?
Shall I play the Lyra and sing?
Shall I dance unceasingly to give praise?

I wonder what will happen if I am not a human.
Shall I be a seed that sprouts to become a tree?
Shall I be a sparrow that flies on the sky?
Or shall I be a fish that swims beneath the seas?

Maybe, if I am not a human,
I am a stone from the mountains.
I won't feel anything for I do not live.
I am part of a cycle that's why I exist.

Will I be happy if I am not a human?
I guess, I won't be happy at all.
Only humans can give praise to God.
Only humans can think and feel with his heart.

Am I a fool for I think like this?
Maybe, if you read these writings,
You will conclude that I am crazy.
For I pen such kind of thinking.

You know what, one thing I realized,
I am indeed blessed for I am a human.
It is for the redemption of humanity,
That Christ came, died, and rose again.

Wistful thinking may occur to me at times.
But at the end of the day, I am thankful.
Though I am a sinner and I commit mistakes,
And crimson of blame clothes me,

YAHWEH Picked me up...

Because of my calloused mind, I am unworthy.
But Christ saved me from eternal damnation.
I am a carnal being for I always sin.
But Christ purify me from all my iniquities.

Someday when I come Home, I'll be perfect.
Because I am redeemed by Christ,
His perfectness will envelop me.
His righteousness will clothe me for Eternity.

While I am here on earth,
I will always be dependent on Him.
To finish the race of what we call "Life"
For someday after all these things:

I will meet my Maker and Daddy,
HE will wipe away all the tears that I've shed.
Together, we will watch everything that I did.
He will hug me and utter this line:  

"Well done, My Good and faithful servant."


  1. Just plain beautiful. Thank you.


  2. Thank you so much! To God be glory. :) Thanks for dropping by. Blessings!

  3. Your poems are so beautiful Lizette. I can definitely relate to this one. Love it. =)

  4. Thank you Tessa. :) Soli deo Gloria! This poem was written because of a sad happening. Sometimes, I tend to release my feeling with a pen and paper. You' re an inspiration to me!

    By the way, I was able to discover Josh Wilson's music because of your blog post. Your writings boost my energy whenever I need an inspiration to keep on holding on. College life can be so exhausting at times. :) That's why I'm grateful that God uses your blog to cheer me up. :)