Sunday, June 5, 2011

Glimpse on a Young Minister’s Heart

Father I know that I am young. I still lack the experience to serve you fully and to be a knowledgeable person. Take my heart and be in control of it. Use me and fill my cup Oh God so that I may know your will and your plans for my life. I am young and fragile but in you I found my strength and my portion. You have entrusted your little children upon my weak shoulders. Help me to carry this load and to hone these kids. They say that I am young and I still need to strive hard to be a good example but in you I give everything. Teach me to love these kids with all my heart and let me be a good ambassador for you Oh Jesus.

Lord I accept that I am despised because I am your child. The world has persecuted you and they mock your miracles. They are angry and radical but still love overflows from you. Help me to share your word with a tear in my eye. Do not let self righteousness and hypocrisy to rein in my heart. Create in me a pure and contrite heart. It is only because of your grace that I am saved not by the works that I have done. Humble my heart Father, help me to be gentle in all my ways and help me to acknowledge your presence in all circumstances. Father, help me to understand that I do not belong with them for I belong to you. I know that my citizenship is in Heaven, help me to endure all the unpleasant things and all ridiculous words that the world will throw upon me. Cover me with your mighty hand and help me to finish the race. Lord you are my light and my salvation; I will fear no evil though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death. You are my refuge and my stronghold; I will wait for you Oh Father. Help me to be strong and to take heart. I will wait for you Oh Lord. Help me to be an example in speech, in faith, in love and in purity and in my life may your name be glorified.

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