Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodbye, my wildflowers

A friend wrote a wonderful poem and I just want to share it with you guys. The poem makes me remember a line in one of's blog posts:  “I know I loved you before I met you because I’ve kept myself for you.”  True love waits and it is worth waiting for... God gives us our single years for us to serve Him and grow in love with Him without reservation.... :) - Lizette

They say this place was meant for wildflowers
To bloom on the road for a man like me
To pick them up as I stroll and traverse
And then think of sunsets beside the sea.

Yes, I carried one and have made my heart
Like a vessel, a vase where it can reveal
Its strange beauty mistakenly called art,
A mystery I know that is unreal.

Because there were prickles that grow to hurt,
Even it was early to comprehend.
If only too much I did not exert,
So right now I will just have to amend.

And as the spring ends in the late of May,
There on the sands I lay the memories
So let the waters toss them far away
And let the summer cause no reminisce.

So then, let the dust forbid them to grow
Once they settle on a lonely island.
For I won't see wildflowers tomorrow,
Never to pick them again with my hand.

Waiting the summer, waiting for next spring
I hope better rosebuds burst into bloom
As they fill again my heart with singing
Of the serenade that makes love resume.

Goodbye, my wildflowers now forgotten
I have new petals to cover the scars.
For I will walk without being broken
Having daffodils array like the stars.

Copyright © 2011 by Prince Obed de la Cruz

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