Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Thank You Bucket

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“Make a list.” Anita said to her daughter.

“What kind of list, Momma” Keith asked her mother.

“Whatever kind you want,” said Anita, “Just make sure that it should not be less than 500 words”, she added.

“Okay, Momma,” said Keith. “When is it due?” asked her further.

“Before supper” said Anita.

“But… Mommmm…” whined Keith.

“No buts, Keith. Do what I ask you to do.” commanded her mother.

“Okay, Sweet Momma”, said Keith. “Will I have a reward for this?” she inquired.

“How about a box of cream puffs from your most favorite pastry shop?” Anina retorted.

“Great!” exclaimed Keith.

Keith got off on her feet. She ran upstairs to her room. She quickly opened the door and went straight ahead to her study table. She got her G-tech pen and a couple of papers. She was about to write something when she suddenly stopped.

“Wait a minute. What shall I write?” she asked herself.

“Should I write about my most favorite sweets or should I write about my most favorite subjects?” she said while placing the base of her pen at her lower lip.

“Eureka!” said Keith.

“I now know what I shall write for my list!” she exclaimed!

She then found herself jotting these words:

“12 Little Things that Keith Thank for:”

       1.       I’m happy that I’m a grade one student already.  Thank you Jesus!

       2.   Mommy let me help her to bake some cream puffs last Sunday. Yipeee!

             3.   Little Keith will soon be called as Ate Kate. I’m gonna see Philipp in three months!

 4.   I have a pair of purple mittens with my initials. Mommy made it for me.

 5.  Daddy brought me a box of cream puffs when he came home last night.

 6.   Daddy and I had a story telling time last night. He told me the story of Jonah and
       the big fish. Daddy told me that Jesus loves me. I love Jesus too!

 7.   My Grandma gave me a pair of pearl earrings. 

8.     Daddy hugged me last night until I slept.  

9.   Last Month, I prayed to God that I long to have a baby brother. Last Monday, Mommy   
      and Daddy told me that I’ll have a baby bro! I named him Philipp. Daddy and Mommy    
      gave his second name. His name would be Philipp Stefan. I shall call him “Philly”.

    10.  Tomorrow, we shall decorate little Philly’s nursery. 

    11. Teacher Jenny told me that I shall play the violin at our school program. I am grateful!

    12.  Daddy promised me that every day; we shall have our story time. I’m looking forward   
           for that!

She happily finished her list. She put some designs in it. She got up from her chair then ran downstairs.

“MOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!” called Keith.
“Yes, honey?” said Anita.

“Here’s my list”, said Keith.

Anita saw the pink flowers that were drawn using the colors that she gave her. She read each line carefully. She can’t help but to smile.

“You’re such a gem, my love,” said Anita.

“God bless you, sweetie. Such a huge heart for a 7-year old kid,” she kissed and hugged her daughter tightly.

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