Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ma'am Yen's Legacy

“Try to read Yen’s work. Take a look on how she writes. Give an eye to details. Study her style and try to adapt it” my coach in an essay writing contest said to me.

I then added Ms. Maree Angeline Reyes at Facebook.

I saw her Facebook and was amazed how she was able to create a world outside her Facebook account. She has this habit to post her weather report on her wall. I was wonderstruck while I was reading. It seemed like I was dragged out of my chair. She toured me in a world that was only recognized by her eyes. She described a scenario as vivid as she could. It was like I was at the scene where the star was she and the persona that she was talking about.

After I have read her notes and Facebook posts, I followed her blog.

This is where my story will start.

Here it goes…

Ma’am Yen Reyes used to teach at the university where I am studying. During the last Summer Vacation, she migrated to Canada. She is my former coach’s super friend that is why her writing style was made as an example by my coach. Sadly, I never had the chance to have her as my professor. She is one of the professors that I dreamed to have. Even if I wasn't able to have her as my mentor, her blog posts taught me a lot of things.

Ma’am Yen has the ability to find beauty in pain and seek hope in suffering.

I have noticed that even if most of her posts were about the heartbreak that she had to endured, and the bothering that she had to deal with, still there was a ray of hope in every post. I find it interesting that for someone who was trapped in the midst of hurt and frustrations, she was able to divert these things into something that was worth reading for. Ma’am Yen is a true blood writer. Even if she did not have a formal training in writing, she has this charisma to lay out her cards while being true to herself and to her readers. Her creativity and genuine character were the reasons why I grew fond of her. Actually consider her as a “senpai” (senior). Because of my fondness to Ma’am Yen’s character, I have influenced my friend, Ate Rosella. I am happy that Ate Rosella was given the opportunity to have Ma’am Yen as her mentor professor for her TESL class.

I always thank Ma’am Yen whenever I have the opportunity. I always tell my blockmates that Ma’am Yen is a gem because she is a rare find. Yes, I do not know her as much as her students; but her posts showed bits of her heart. I find that heart beautiful because it has the ability to find joy in sorrow and hope in despair. I just hope that one day, when she already picked up the tiny pieces of her shattered self, the world may hear her story.

Dearest Ma’am Yen, thank you for redefining the word beauty. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to take a glimpse of how beautiful your heart is. Thank you for being an epitome of change and courage. You may be a wounded warrior but your resilience is your best weapon that is why you always rise up as a victor. Thank you for i felt that I am not alone during my sad moments. There were times that I have found my solace in your writings for you sometimes pen the words that were subconsciously residing within me.

I can’t wait to see the new you when you come back. Canada gave you an opportunity to start of something new. Someday, I want to meet you again and give you a hug. You will always have a special place in my heart.

This post is especially dedicated to you my dear Senpai. :-)

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  1. I agree with everything that you said.
    Yen is a dear friend of mine. I'm just happy to know that she's inspiring a lot of people. I'm proud of her.
    Stay inspired. God bless!