Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Next Time

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The next time that you see someone who is in need, give a hand.

Don’t hesitate. Just give offer your help.

You will never know the impact of a kind act unless you do it. Sometimes, it takes some courage to help. But I tell you, you will never regret it.

The next time that you see an old lady crossing the street, give her assistance. Maybe, your simple way of helping her to cross the street may put a smile on her gloomy day. Your act can remind her that there are people who are still capable of loving her.

If you see a child begging for alms, don’t hesitate to give him some. I know that you might think that a certain syndicate might use the kid, but God knows your heart in giving. Whether he might be involved in a syndicate or a simple child who just longs to feed his hungry stomach through your little coins, it doesn’t matter. As long as your heart is pure in giving, your simple act will not be in vain.

If you see a man or a lady who let a child to sit on his or her lap in a jeepney, have the initiative to pay for the child’s fare. Maybe they were short that is why they cannot pay the ample fare. Imagine the little hardship that they have to endure during the trip. They maybe handling some little baggage that their hands. Can’t you see the child’s discomfort? He has to balance himself and keep his arm at the handle. Spare those eight pesos for the kid. Draw that simple smile in his face. Let him remember that he should not stop believing that kindness still resides in others’ hearts.

If you always ride the LRT/ MRT to go to your school or office, greet the guard with smile.  Some of these guards are still sleepy because of late night a duty that’s why they easily get irritable and sour. Greet him with a smile. Be respectful. If you want to be respected, show how to respect. Don’t forget that these guards are humans too. They need to be loved and respected too. They also long to rest and eat. They also want to be treated well. Greet the guard who would inspect your bag with a “Good morning” and say “Thank you” after he inspected your bag. Your little act of respect can brighten up his day.

The next time that you see your mother preparing for market, accompany her at her market duties. Public markets maybe noisy, and the wet and dry section might not smell nice, but it would be nicer if your mom has someone who could help her to carry all the things that she has bought. Anyway, it’s your family’s supply for the entire week. Don’t complain. Just help her. Be happy that you have the money to buy what you need. A lot people groan in hunger. Be thankful that you are carrying all these little blessings.

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