Sunday, October 14, 2012

The What if Poem

What if life is but a box of chocolate?
Where everything is sweet and soft,
Where happiness is just a pinch away.
Would I find the real meaning of joy,
In such a simple box of chocolate?

What if life is just as pretty as a pair of stilettos?
Where everything is but of glam and fashion,
Where the flash of the cameras matters most.
I wonder, will these things last for a long time,
After the clock tick at twelve midnight?

What if life is but of smiles and celebration?
Where people do not need to shed a tear.
For pain and sadness are such taboos.
Will life be beautiful and smooth?
If people will be alienated from hurt and gloom?

I wonder what will happen to me,
If life is but of merry-making and vanity?
Will I be happy at all in such kind of life?
Or will be a wanderer in a deserted land?
Like a pariah of my selfishness and pride?

I guess I am such a wretch man,
For I thought about such kind of uselessness.
I am bought for a price, saved from damnation.
I am of more worth than diamonds and rubies.
For the Precious Son of God picked me up.

Forever, I am grateful and blessed.
For Christ saved and redeemed me.
That's why life becomes more meaningful.
That's why hope paints in my sky,
No matter how gray my atmosphere will be.

I guess that's the mystery of faith.


  1. Wow. Simple but deep. :D Ang galing! May God bless you more!