Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lizette’s Thank You Bucket

                I am writing this blog post to officially leave behind the bygones of my last semester.  It has been two days since my semester break had started. Still, I can feel the pain, hurt, and frustrations that I had encountered. So here am I.  I am writing this blog post to release all of the animosity that I feel for me to move on and start a brand new slate. To break free from my heartaches, I have decided to recall all the things that I have to thank for rather than to nag and complain. So my list starts here:

1. Before I thank this awesome and wonderful lady, I personally would like to apologize to my Mama Ces, my adviser if we did not pursue the storybook for our Mythology Class.

                I know that we had caused you some pain for we chose to have the examination rather than extending our artistic skills in doing the storybook but thank you for being an understanding mother and for being our ever supportive adviser. Having a minimal amount of time and a lot of workloads is not an excuse. Thank you for understanding us and for being our number one cheerer. Though you did not say anything, I can feel that you were a bit sad.  Mama, if we ever let you feel that you were taken for granted, please forgive us. You know how special you are to us and how thankful we are because you are our adviser. Thank you for texting us whenever you need some help. That only shows how you value us and how dear we are to you. I really enjoyed the moments that I spent with you at the faculty room whenever you ask me to do some favors. I treasure those moments and I hope and I can still help you in the semesters to come. :-) I and my II-1 siblings hope that you are happy with our company. I am sorry because I have already lost the chance for the Latin honors. With or without the title, I shall continue to study hard and pursue excellence in my endeavors. I love you infinitely! You possess great amount of knowledge than Athena has and you are much stunning and gorgeous than Aphrodite, Malina, Izanami and Cleopatra.

2. Thank you Ma’am Claire, Ma’am Yen, and Sir Joey for being my mentors during my preparations for the essay writing contest.

                Ma’am Claire, thank you so much for being my coach at the Essay Writing Competition and adviser at Writer’s Circle. Thank you for believing in my potential though I cannot see it in myself. I never thought that my dream will come true. I have been dreaming to represent our college at the essay writing contest but I have never been in an essay writing competition before that’s why I thought it will never happen. Thank you Ma’am for being patient with me, I really appreciate your enthusiasm and determination to help me. Thanks for letting me read Ma’am Yen’s works. Since the day that you let me read those pieces, I became a fan. Hehehe.  Also, I would like to thank you for believing in me as the president of the Writer’s Circle. I promise that I will not leave my works behind. I hope you could be my professor in the future! May God bless you more and more! I’m happy because I was given the chance to know you more. I really enjoyed our conversations during our stay at the speech laboratory. :-)

                Ma’am Yen, you are a jewel and a true blood writer. I really love your works! I adore your style.  Every time that I read your works, it seems like I am being enthralled in a different world. I can feel your deepest emotions and the things that you tried to hide behind the magic of words. You are an inspiration Ma’am! I still kept the paper that you have critiqued. For me it is more precious than rubies for it was reviewed by someone like you.  I pray that someday, God will give you the chance to become an author. Please keep on writing Ma’am! I’m your fan. I have been reading your blog. I’ll definitely put a permalink on my blog to promote it! God bless you Ma’am Yen. :-) I wish to have a class with you too!

                Sir Joey, thank you for being my trainer. I really appreciate the things that you have shared with me. You are such an intelligent man. I learned a lot and I’m doing my best to apply it whenever I write essays. Thanks for reviewing my works, for letting me know the dos and don’ts and the points that I have to strengthen and enhance. I wish to have a poetry class with you Sir. I really adore your intelligence and mastery. Thank you for answering my questions and also for sharing some inputs to hone my writing skills. Blessings to thee!

3. Thank you Sir Ian and Sir Rolly for challenging us to bring out the best within us.

                Sir Ian, we know that this is your first time to teach at PUP. I really appreciate your efforts even though you started from scratch and there are times that I can feel that you were pressured, stressed, and burned – out. I was really challenged with IPA, most especially during the time that you asked us to help you in checking the IPA transcription of a short story! Well, I enjoyed it Sir. Thank you so much! Thank you for requiring us to have our speech choir. Geez! We almost lost our voices because of the practices. But I would like to thank you for this caused us to unite and to become one. We got to know each other more and we were able to discover our hidden talents.  God bless you Sir as you take your Masters at PNU! :-)

                Sir Rolly, you are one of the most amazing persons that I have ever met. :-)  Will I ever forget you? Definitely, not! I hyperventilated during our first day of oral recitations because of my anxiety. You remind me of my Geometry teacher during my high school. But these things were vanished because of your innate kindness and passion for teaching. I will miss our discussions which were always filled with laughter because of your stories. I will miss our academic debates during our recitations for you let us exercise our academic freedom. I will miss your mimics which did not fail to let us laugh out loudly. I will miss the moments that you answered our endless questions unceasingly and with fervor. You are my first professor in my Major subjects who happen to use a microphone, and I always get curious why your voice differ whenever you speak without it. :-) I will miss your side comments with Nikki’s Hair color and Steven’s Fashion statements. Thank you for motivating us and for opening our minds that after ABE, a career is waiting for us. God bless you Sir! I’m excited to see your future students. :-)

4.  Thank you Ma’am Paula for allowing me to have those Adobe Photoshop Tutorials.

                Hi Ma’am Paula! Thank you po for you allowed me to teach you the basics of Adobe. I never thought that I’m going to use it again. I really enjoyed the times that I have spent with you in front of your laptop. J  I hope we can still have those mini tutorials po. I really appreciate you po Ma’am! God bless you!
5. Thank you ABE II-1, GS Friends, Ate Rosella and Writer’s Circle Friends.

                Thank you guys, for cheering me up whenever I am sad and blue. Thank you GS friends for the pizza bonding; those bonding were a breath of fresh air. Thank you Ate Rosella for being my big sister at all times. Thank you Writer’s Circle for being my inspiration to work hard for our group. Thank you II-1 for being my siblings, kakulitan, chit chat buddies and etc!

6. Thank you STAT1013!

                Thank you for being a part of my life Statistics. Though because of you I shed a lot of tears and lost my chance for the Latin Honors, still I learned a lot of life lessons. Thank you!

7. Thank you Father God!

                For being my Daddy, Bestfriend, King, Brother, Lord, and Savior. Thank you Father God for allowing me to be a PUPian. Thank you Father God for each trial that I had encountered and stress that I have overcome. I know that in everything, you have a purpose. Thank you for allowing this people to become a part of my life. Thank you so much the beauty of life and for your sufficient grace. In every success and failure, I bring back all the glory and praises to your name. AMEIN

                For the people who spent some time to read this, thank you so much! You don’t know how much it means to me. May God bless you continually and keep on dreaming. Someday you shall reap what you have sowed. Strive and pursue excellence! Never give up and keep on fighting. God has prepared the God fight for us. Let bygones be bygones and move on! As long as we live and as long as we breathing, we still have the hope to improve ourselves to become the person that God desires us to be. Blessings!


  1. I LOVE your blog background! Is it new? (I'm one of your new followers. I LOVE your poems!)

    And such a wonderful post. Thanks so much.


  2. Hi Esther! Yes this is my new background.I have decided to give my baby a new look. Thank you so much for reading my writings. I hope that we can be friends. :)

    God bless you dear!

    1. Did you make it? It's just plain gorgeous!

      And yes, I hope we can be friends, too. :D


    2. No. I happen to see this background on a free website. :) Thank you so much! If you have a Facebook account, add me up please so we can get in touch. :)

  3. "I have decided to recall all the things that I have to thank for rather than to nag and complain."

    Wonderful blog, dearie! You're SO blessed! ;* Love lots. <3

  4. Thank you so much dearie! I am indeed. :) Love you Jashy!