Friday, June 5, 2015

My Two Cents at (500) Days of Summer

My mom, I and her secretary went out to process the papers for my dad's project. I was resting in my room when my younger sister called my attention. She told me that 500 Days of Summer was showing at Star Movies. Since I want to watch the movie for quite some time, I went out of my room and stayed in front of our TV.

One thing that I have realized in this movie:

At one point in your life, you will meet this special one who might seem to be the missing piece of your jigsaw puzzle heart. T'was like when your gaze had set upon him/her, he/she became the focal point of your eyes.

He or she complements you. You could always be yourself at his/her company. Both of you had already accepted your idiosyncrasies. You become too familiar and attached with each other's presence.

Walls were guard down, pasts were laid bare. A glimpse for the future was slowly unfading.

However, when one of you started to think to move at the next level and test the waters, the comfort bubble of attachment suddenly pops. You see, you are more than friends; but, less than lovers because someone is not sure if he/she can commit in a real relationship.

Because the relationship escalated at intimacy without even affirming the importance of commitment, separation was inevitable.

It is so hard to be engaged in the so called "friend zone" because of the instability of relationship.

You will always end up hurting each other.

In a "friend zone" relationship, if you are the person who longs to be reciprocated at his/her feelings; you will always feel that you are left hanging on. A lot of questions remain unanswered. Every day is filled with uncertainty because you do not really know where you stand. Who wishes to be unrequited? We humans are relational in nature no matter how independent or people-oriented we are.

If you are the other end who cannot give back what was being offered, you will feel guilty. As much as you enjoy the company and whatever it was happening between the two of you, you will always feel the guilt because for some reasons that only you can understand, you cannot pledge your commitment.

Eventually, because of the irreconcilable differences, both of you will decide to part ways.

Sometimes, it was your choice to be trapped as somebody else's option. Real and true love is founded in commitment; it is not just about the sparks or spur of the moment. Love is a package deal with sacrifices and choices. You have to take risks and stick with your decisions. It is not just about you; it is about you and your partner. You have to work and fight together to enjoy and treasure the intimacy which is the reward of commitment.

So if you are trapped at the "friend zone" relationship, please remember that you are too precious to remain as somebody else's option. Move on. Give yourself a chance to be happy, to love and be loved back wholeheartedly and devotedly. You are a gem; a rare find.

In the right time and perfect timing, you will meet that someone who would treasure you just like how a gem is being taken care of.

Preserve yourself. Pick up that shattered pieces of your heart and let the God - the Great Author of Love Stories, handle your heart.

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