Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Babe’s Cry

Oh Daddy dear, I feel so sad.
A lot of problems, I feel so bad.
Take away my burdens, Daddy.
Draw a curve line on my face.

Colors around me tend to fade;
Black and gray fill the space.
Shall I be as lonely as a cloud?
Or shall I rise like a sparrow?

Oh Daddy, My Big Daddy…
Hear my anguish and distress.
I am insanely preoccupied.
Let me rest by Your side, Daddy.

Oh My Daddy, please show Your glory.
I feel so empty and my mind is vague.
Don’t wanna let my carnality reign.
I surrender to Thee, Abba Father

I am tired, Daddy Loves.
Please sustain my human body,
With the strength that will last for eternity
I don’t wanna put You in a cheap box.

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