Thursday, October 27, 2011

If I were to…

If I were to write a love song
I will tell the world of You
If I were to make a sonnet
I will declare Your wonders

If I were to say “I Love You”
I will tell it to you, My Precious
If I were to utter, “I’m Sorry”
I will cry beneath Your feet

If I were to bid farewell
I will wholly follow You
If I were to go at my deep slumber
I will welcome it with arms open

If I were to proclaim one thing
I will say that I am blessed
For I am Your inspiration
While walking and carrying the Cross

If I were to see you now
I would rather be with You
Than to spend a thousand days
In this deceitful and painful world

If I were to be with my Maker
I will jump with joy and kneel down
For life is indeed a journey
A journey that will lead me to my home

*written at GIFT church, Oct 23, 2011 3:45PM


  1. Great poem!

    Just dropping by!



  2. Hello Kuya Vir,

    Thanks for dropping by here.:)
    Blessings to thee!