Friday, January 17, 2014

Thoughts on Writing

I love to write.


Because in writing, I am able to share the things that I want to say freely.  It’s not that I am not free whenever I speak; I just find my real voice whenever I write. Whether I type on my laptop, or write on my notebook, I can easily say whatever I want. I used to be an introvert. I am not fond of public speaking. I am friendly, but I tend to hold back my real feelings. I sometimes voice it out from time to time, but I prefer to write it most the time. I don’t know why but my pen and paper is my avenue in order to share my deepest thoughts. I think I just enjoy the personal space that these two give to me. Whenever I write, I feel like I am in a different realm. It is a place that only people who has the heart and mind to understand can enter. Writing allows me to catch a glimpse of others’ soul; it also paved a way for me to understand the inner me.

I just sometimes hate it when I have a lot of things to write with.

Sometimes, I just shrug it. When I find myself trap in the midst of thoughts, I just shoo them away. I don’t write at all. I write to express myself, but how can I write if there are a lot of things to express? How could tell a story if in my head, a novel has been set already. Sounds weird, isn’t? I find it hard to write when my head says that I should.  I also struggle with my time management. Sometimes, I tend to neglect my commitment because of various workloads.

When it comes to My 500 words challenge, what I learn is that I have to value my commitment. I was good from day 1 to 8. But when day 9 kicked in, I was trap with my Macbeth Script. I asked the people in the group if I should consider my script writing process and they told me that I should.  I admit that I was a bit lonely because I cannot face my blog.  I learned that sometimes, you just need to go on. Even if you feel like you were left behind, you must continue to strive with what you are doing. It doesn’t matter if you do not blog or type your words in software. What matters most is that you must continue to write. You cannot claim that you are a writer if you will not push yourself to write. The process maybe painstaking, but soon, you shall see the fruits of your hard work.

I also learned that when you commit, you must be serious with what you are doing. If you will not focus, you will never reach your goal. As a writer, you learn the value of patience and sacrifice. In some instances, you need to sacrifice your personal luxury in order to do what you ought to do. You also need to be patient with what you are doing. You should not hurry yourself. Just allow your hands to move or your pen to write. I also learned that it takes discipline in order to create a habit. Without discipline, you will always put on excuse so that you can avoid your task.

I love to write, but it takes courage to embrace it. When I said that I am a writer, I have realized that I should be living it. I am a writer so I should live like one. You cannot just affirm yourself; you also need to work and allow those little muscles of creativity to be exercised.

The next time that I shall remind myself that I am a writer, I shall think about what Benjamin Franklin said in this quote:

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”

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