Tuesday, January 7, 2014


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I have just lost my yahoo account.

I have forgotten the password that I input when I changed it. I have entered my mobile number to recover my account.  Twice, I requested for a code to be sent to my phone but due to signal problems, I was not able to retrieve it. I tried to answer the security questions; however, I do not remember the answer to the second question anymore.

I cannot help but to be sad.

I have created that yahoo account when I was a freshman in high school. I have subscribed to different writers and websites through that email. I felt like I have lost my gateway to my dream because I do not have the account anymore.

Probably, this was my initial reaction because I was afraid to change.

When I have to leave something behind to start of something new, the first thing that comes in my mind is a clean sheet of paper. Like a clean sheet of paper, you will begin with a clean slate when you have to start of something new. Everything is new; a breath of fresh air. And sometimes, it is scary. For someone who loves to stay at her comfort bubble, it is something that I usually dislike. I am not comfortable whenever I am being shied away from my daily routine.  Familiarity is something that I cherish. Maybe, it is for this reason that I find it difficult to welcome change.

But then, change is inevitable because it is constant. In able to withstand the test of time, we have to adapt to certain changes.

I suddenly remembered what Sir Max, a life coach, said in one of the conferences that I have attended.

“When you encounter chaos, something is dying and something is being rebirth. Every moment is a moment of choice. Your words create your world".

With that, I choose to move forward and embrace change no matter what amount of pain or difficulty it may bring. I will never learn something if I will close my heart from changes. Without the shifting of norms, I won’t be able to recognize the things that I need to improve and the things that I need to stop from doing. I will never attain growth and maturity if I shall taboo change in my own hemisphere.

So what did I do after all the things that I have done in order to recover my yahoo account?

Since I cannot recover it anymore, I have decided to use my Gmail account in my Facebook. I changed my primary email address then that’s it. A new email account for my FB is my second step to change. Prior to the lost of my yahoo account, I have already made another Gmail account as my formal email. I thought that I may need to have at least two emails; one is for my leisure use while the other one is for formal stuffs like homework and project submission.

For 2014, my new email account is one of the changes that I have to welcome. The best is yet to come. With this, I conclude my post:

Hello Change! Thanks for coming in my life. J

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